31 Ford 31 Ford Mom & Me in front of her 1948 Desoto
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mom & me
Obviously from this picture I've always been a drug store cowboy. This is the first car I ever drove. When I was about 13 my mother took me out on a rural dirt road and let me have at it behind the wheel. At the time she was a single working mother and this was her only car, musta took real courage on her part.

I drove this car to high school my sophomore year and I can remember going to a local junk yard and finding a radio that would fit the Desoto. This was my first real experience at modifying an automobile. I still remember listening to the Beatles 'let me hold your hand' and wondering what all the todoo was about.

I eventually tore the engine apart with the intentions of learning how to do an engine overhaul, but it never got completed and the car was eventually sold to a salvage yard.

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G. McDowell
est. 1996