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1991 Pontiac Grand Am Coupe
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91 Pontiac Grand Am 91 Pontiac Grand Am I purchased this car in May 1991. Traded in my 88 Suzuki Samarai on it. I really was trying to avoid another black car but this was the best deal I found with all the options I wanted.
91 Pontiac Grand Am 91 Pontiac Grand Am This car has been a real pleasure to own, I frequently compare it to the corvettes I've owned and it usually comes out better in my mind. I honestly believe I can travel farther and faster in this car than any other car I've owned. This is a real stealth traveler, cops ignore it completely and it really hauls with the HiPo quad four engine.

I just sold this car to my Brother and Sister-n-Law on 08/02/98

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