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Christmas Cards From Mano Forsman For 2010
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Christmas feeling, Mission Checker. Checker association, Checker ry. In Finland, is working on a high quality restoration of an 1948 Checker Model A2 car. With intention to get it finished until the 60 year Anniversary of the Helsinki Olympic Games 1952. Will be, as known, the first complete restoration of an 1948 Checker worldwide. History: After the wars it was big need of vehicles in Finland. For Helsinki Olympic games was needed more taxi cabs. 500 used 1948 Checker taxi cabs was purchased from New York and shipped to Finland. By several causes the major part of the cars was in very poor conditions. How ever most of them was driven but by disappointed taxi owners. To day nearly none of them are left. ( Inside the barn at left is seen the 1954 Checker Model A6 that I sold to Finland. I purchased it from France and before that this car came from a New Jersey junk yard in USA.)
Vasa Finland. Bock brewery in 1965. Lemonades and beers. Still in college I worked there on summers. Upper at left you see me driving the 1947 Ford V8 truck. At lower right you can see my girl friend at that time, Bringing some open sandwiches to me. In near of that you can locate a miniature of my, these days, owned 1959 Plymouth Belvedere sedan. What a great cruise car!
Vasa Finland down town 1962. Seen on left a common Vasa car at that time, the 1948 Allard. Sitting on the railing, the first from right is me. Outside “Valio”, the popular teenagers snack-bar in Vasa. On right hand an old 1955 Big Volvo as cruise car. Owners, three buddys.

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