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My Drugstore Memories,

My most favorite memory of a drug store is the one that used to be in the Frontier Village Shopping center adjacent to the IGA store there. On Hillside just south of Pawnee across from Plainview. Don't remember the name of the Drug Store or the IGA store.

When I was going to Sowers elementary, when mom went to first shift at Boeing, she would give me lunch money to buy lunch and I would walk from school to the Drug Store and have a Cheese Burger at the lunch counter, best Cheese Burger in the world as far as I was concerned, lettuce, big ole slice of tomato, mustard, ketchup and really big meat patty, well done. Along with great french fries and a genuine cherry coke.

I frequented that Drug Store regularly, had a great magazine rack with Hot Rod, Car Craft and Rod & Custom Mags and a great toy section that stocked all the latest AMT Models. Can remember buying the 58 Pontiac Convertible and 58 Edsel Convertible kits there.

It was real convienient where I could go to the IGA store with a red wagon full of collected pop bottles from along the road and taking the money to buy a mag or model kit at the drug store.


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