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My Connection to Sandra Cone,

Way back in 53 or so dear old dad brought Mom and I to Wichita, separating Mom from all her relatives and friends in Maryland and Washington D.C. Dad found mom a 48 DeSoto to drive here and she managed to score a job bucking rivets at Boeing, Then Dad decided to leave her here alone with me. During that time Mom managed to make some friends here, one being 'Mrs D' who was the Matriarch of the Cone family. Mrs D took Mom under her wing and kinda took us into the Cone family. Mrs D had 2 sons at the time, Floyd Cone and Harold Cone who was father of Sandy Cone. The Cones soon became a kind of surrogate family.

Floyd Cone was a just married young guy who had a duplex in Plainview and rented one side of the duplex to Mom and me. Mom had gotten pregnant again before dear old dad moved on and when the time came for Mom to have my brother I was packed off to live with Mrs D during the blessed event that was happening in the old St Joseph Hospital. When mom was working 2nd shift at Boeing I was babysitted by Floyd and wife Charlene. Quite an adventure that, I learned to hate stewed tomatoes and Charlene continually forced me to eat with my right hand, determined to keep from being left handed. For that I guess I'm grateful because I've turned out to be pretty ambidextrous.

As time went on we met the Harold Cone family on visits and got introduced to Lila Cone the mother, Sandy Cone, and Mike and Rick Cone. Harold was still in the Army at the time and the family was living on post at Ft Riley Ks. During a couple summer breaks I was packed off to the Harold Cone family to spend some summer time with them. And spending time as a kid on the post at Ft. Riley was a glorious adventure, Can still remember seeing those old Banana Shaped Helicopters there, swimming in the post pool and checking out several of the military Memorials on post.

I just got sisterly views of Sandy there on occasion, she was a very active gal, spent my time with Mike and Rick mostly. Heh, heh, I also was an inveterate reader, the Cones just happened to have an early Encyclopedia Brittanica there, so when Mike and Rick were off doing things, I spent my time reading the entire set, A to Z.

Some time later Harold mustered out of the Army and the family moved to Wichita to a new house at Lydia and Bonn Streets. Mom and I visited there quite frequently, the boys and Sandy shared the lower portion of the bilevel house, and again Sandy seemed always to be on the run and busy.

I think Mom and I lost contact with the family sometime after Sandy graduated from South High.

So I was a little saddened by the news that Sandy had passed on.


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