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I sold my 1931 Ford Model A Coupe to my nephew Troy Pate back in 2003. It had been my first car.

Since getting my coupe Troy has wanted to keep it in tribute both to how I had it and to how he remembered it from growing up with it, but he's also always wanted it to be a bit more over the top 'Old Skool' as he and his peer group define it.

So Troy went and found this to put in the coupe.

Troy and his buddy Larry Ashley, who is a noted local car builder, plan on a major rebuild of the whole car and I have every confidence they'll get it done.

Update: Looks like I talked Troy into putting Dual Fours on the Hemi.

You old Mopar fans will note those Oval Dual Four Air Cleaners were made to use the early Mopar Oval Air Filters.

Seems I had reminisced on having had the original Mopar Dual Four Air Cleaners on my Coupe when I first put the Wedge Engine in my coupe back in 67.

Unfortunately somewhere along the way I managed to let go of one of those original oval air cleaners, so we started looking around for a replacement. Come to find out those things are now as rare as hens teeth and are major Mopar collectables and the only we could find available are repros for $675/pair with $75 shipping.


So Troy managed to track down the Aluminum ones in the pics above, they are actually even more rare, but Troy got them for $300 for the pair. They just happened to be made by Creitz who is related to the Creitz and Donovan Drag racing folks. Troy thinks it's cool that they match the Moon Valve covers.

Troy is talking about going with a whole new 32 Ford Frame and chassis under my Old Coupes Body (I kinda recommended that).

Heh, heh, this for me, is kinda like watching some reality show like 'Pimp My Ride' as he goes and redoes my old Coupe as I watch.

An Australian poster with the username of 32coupe on the RRT forum posted this pic of his Hemi of similar vintage.

That pic really helped showing Troy of what things should/would look like even with the Australian steering on the 'other' side.

Unfortunately Troy is now asking for a blower for Christmas.

11/22/11 Update.

Troy went and bought this frame for the coupe conversion from a builder in Colo. Riley Automotive

It's a 32 style front frame rails from the firewall forward and Model A rails from the firewall back with the 8"Z in back. Setup for Hemi engine with a Torqueflite trans mounts.

I'm hoping Troy won't let the rear set to low.

Frame is built and paid for and on it's way. Looks like the plan is using the P&J rear ladder bars and P&J front hairpins and a 5" Magnum dropped I-beam axle. Troy also intends to use the finned Buick drums on the front.

Here's a typical example of the chassis.

11/23/11 Update.

From Troy:

Well, I hope you're sitting down and I really hope you like this!??

I just bought this for the coupe - seriously!

Hope you're Smiling!! - see picture

I have it in hand, deal is done!! Got it from Gary Roushkolb in east Wichita. He collects them, rebuilds them himself and races them. He has about 40 of them right now. He has included everything we need accept the carbs (which I have new ones already). Part of the deal is that once we get it set in the frame he will come out and make sure we have all the correct pulleys and spacers needed, then once we get it set and ready to start he will come back out and tune it for us. Yes, its totally rebuilt. Wow, never thought I would own a blower car!! Im excited! Thank you for allowing me to lift the Coupe from the shadows, bring it back to life, so it can continue its reign as being one of the Baddas-s '31 Coupe's ever. It will live on in the Wichita History books - I will see to it!!!!! Feel free to post the picture.

11/23/11 More Update.

Troy just got in the P&J ladder bar setup.

11/29/11 Update.

Troy went and mocked up the Hemi with the New Blower Setup.

Here's a sticker that has been in the window of the Coupe for 45yrs+ or so.

Anyone have any idea what it stands for?

11/30/11 Update.

Larry Ashley is getting into the frame setup now.

Larry Ashley doing a wheelie with the frame.

Larry Ashley putting things together on the frame.

Troy is gutting my old Coupe in preparation for removing the body from the existing chassis.

Heh, heh, the keg gastank is Troys tribute to his dad, Jonny Pate. I had a 62 Chevy gastank with a sending unit for a gas guage, but Troys dad put a keg gastank in his coupe so Troy decided to do the same with my old Coupe.

Here's a pic of my Old Coupe and Jonny Pates Blue Coupe.

Heh, heh, Troy was worried I'd be upset seeing the old Coupe torn down like this.

I've torn the old Coupe apart like this, several times over the years I had it.

12/01/11 Update.

More Pics

Looks like Larry Ashley is really going to town on the project.

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Last Update: 12/01/11

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