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Made it to Dawson City
Coming across the mountains toward Dawson we could see old gold mines below and some of them appear to be active. The airport is a small gravel strip but we see more air traffic today than we have seen the whole trip. A twin comes up behind us inbound for landing and several A-26's fighting a forest fire are coming and going continuously. I initially have us transmitting on the wrong frequency but after we make contact with the tower, he advises use to land to the east, even though the fire-fighters are taking off to the west. After landing and tie-down, we go into the small terminal building looking for someone to meet us from the Bed & Breakfast place (White Ram Manor at 7th & Harper) where we have reservations.

A good place to stay
(gotta take your shoes off)
After a while we discover that a truck setting outside has been left for us to drive to town. Bud was given directions on how to find the place and they said it would be easy since it is the only pink building, and they were right. We quickly got settled in our room and hustled off to the Gaslight Follies arriving shortly after the curtain went up.

Give the Hendley's a call.
Here's the business card (If you can't read the fine print, click on the image and it will enlarge.

The Melodrama at the theater
The play was a good melodrama where everyone boos the villain and cheers the hero. It is a story about the mechanization of mining (through the introduction of large dredges) and is based on real history of the gold rush days. Even today around Dawson you can see the piles of gravel and sand which left behind at the dredge mining sites. At intermission everyone steps outside to visit the ice cream vendor (it's kinda warm in the theater) and then it's back inside. As you might expect, the good guys win out in the end, boy gets girl, and they all live happily ever after. At the end of the show, Ted gets everyone's autograph on the program.
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