64 Chevy C10 Pickup 64 Chevy C10 Pickup Bud, Jack & Ted's Alaska Adventure
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Bud and Ted looking over a
bulletin board at Denali State Park.
Well, I'm finally getting to that other story, here on the evening of November 13, 2000. It's hard to believe our trip was so many years ago. (June and July of 1993) Also hard to imagine why it has taken so long for me to finish the story. This is Ted doing the telling, and if I get someting wrong, the rest of the group will have to correct me.

As mentioned before, after the flying part of the trip, the plan was to give me a look at Alaska from the ground. We were to take Andy & Rhoda's pickup through Denali State Park, on south to visit Valdez and the Kenai peninsula. Remember that Mt. McKinley (20,320 ft) is located in the park and I'm sure it's a magnificent sight, but because of clouds and fog, we didn't get to see much.

We did take a bus tour through the park, but the day was cold, cloudy and drizzly, and we didn't get to enjoy the scenery as much as if it had been a clear day.

Rhoda brushing her teeth in the log cabin
Although sometimes it is hard to find lodging in the park during the tourist season, we were fortunate in finding a group of log cabins that had recently been built and they had a vacancy! It was a nice cabin well built and warm.

Bud and Jack bringin' their luggage
We were glad to find a nice place to spend the night since we were tired and cold. I have wanted to build a log home for many years, so it was especially fun for me to get the feel of this type of construction. The heavy, solid logs give a feeling of strength to the place and I've always liked a lot of wood in a home.

Looks like Ted's taking it easy
I remember that I was chilled, and kept turning up the heat a little. No, there wasn't a roaring fire in the fireplace, just a regular thermostat like in the home. (No going outside to cut more wood)
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