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We made it to Fairbanks, about 4 & 1/2 days flying from Wichita, KS
Coming into Fairbanks, there is a military base to the southeast which makes an excellent landmark. Fairbanks International is also quite a sight for a newcomer with its selection of landing choices, the long main runway, the shorter parallel, the gravel strip (ski) and even a water channel for seaplanes. And for a guy from Wichita, even the designations are easy to remember, since they are the same (1 & 19). After landing, the ground controller takes over and sends us to "assigned" parking, since the transient parking is numbered by row and tie-down area. While tying down, Jack meets a kindred spirit refueling his 180 from a barrel in the back of his pickup and the conversation begins about flying in this area. He shows us the route he takes when flying westbound and advises Jack on the upcoming flight to Golovin tomorrow. We arrive at 4:30pm and Andy is waiting for us in his pickup. The total flying time from Dawson City to Fairbanks is 3.0 hours.

Even though the tachometer shows zero rpm
there was still engine noise
Bud will stay in Fairbanks so Jack's brother Andy and his wife Rhoda can accompany us to Golovin, where Jack & Jennifer have been teaching. Andy & Rhoda are not used to flying and early in the trip do not feel well. Jack brought some motion sickness pills (meclazine)and after taking them they feel better and enjoy the trip more. Andy brought his binoculars and as we search for the few landmarks shown on the sectional (cabins,ets), one is struck by the vast areas with nothing but mostly nothing as far you can see. For a city guy, its too far between corner stores. On the way out, we talk weather with the local airports which are reporting a chance of weather but we experience only slight rain showers. There is a prominent point (I can't remember the name) about halfway to Galena which makes an easy target on the outbound leg.

Circling over Golovin, AK
Total flying time from Fairbanks to Golovin is 4.5 hours. Low hanging clouds are present as we come across Koyuk so Jack follows the coastline of Norton Sound past Elim and around the point to Golovin rather than across the partially obscured mountaintops. After a pass by the lower airport,(which looks too wet) he opts for the new airport on the higher ground.

After landing on the gravel strip at Golovin
Radio conversation is much less formal in this area as we hear "Is that you, Jack?" from Maggie Olson. Jack responds in the affirmative and that we will be at the upper field. Andy & Jack joke that his response should be "8715Bingo, this is Jackpot"

(They play a lot of Bingo here in town)
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